Korean Movies Countdown: No. 7: Mother

Plot: A doting mother (Kim Hye Ja) of a mentally-challenged young man is devastated when her son Yoon Do-Joon (Won Bin) is arrested for the murder of a young girl, Moon Ah-Jung and tricked into signing a confession. Certain that her son is innocent, Mother begins her own investigation into Ah-Jung's background and the events that happened on the night of the murder.

One of the few Korean movies I've watched to date that left a lasting impression. Mother is a superb well-acted murder mystery thriller, with lots of twists and turns, making the viewer guessing hard on who is the actual murderer of the young school girl Ah-Jung.

Plants vs Zombies - 4 Cob Cannon Setup Survival Endless (1300 Flags Beyond)

Onto 1300 flags and beyond in my favorite desktop game: Plants vs Zombies! Introducing the 4 Cob Cannon Setup for Survival Endless.
Plants vs Zombies

Still remember the ladder strategy? This time I got all 6 ladders on either side of the pool. (that will take care of those pesky imps!)

New Tomb Raider Gameplay Demo and Trailers!

A sneak peek at the all new Tomb Raider game by Crystal Dynamics coming out on March 5th 2013.

By the looks of the trailer and the demo gameplays, I'm loving it and definitely getting it once it comes out next year; me being a fan of the Tomb Raider series since the original!

Cyrstal Dynamics have elected to completely relaunch both the brand and Lara Croft. She’s younger, she’s softer and she’s not quite ready to take on the wilds of the world.

This new Tomb Raider will bring Lara from inexperienced to veteran that we know her since the very original game in 1996.

And based on what I see so far, she has long ways to go before getting to that level of "eliteness".

Anyone agreeing that the developers are somewhat inspired by the awesome horror movie "The Descent"?

Several scenes and themes are strangely similar.

Game is available for: Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC.

Anyways, enjoy the trailers and gameplay demos!

Korean Movies: Honorable Mentions (Too Beautiful To Lie)

Time to do some catch up on my Korean Movies Countdown that is taking way too long!

Honorable mentions here is one solid comedy that stars Kim Ha Neul and Kang Dong Won. Directed by Bae Hyeong Jun.

Too Beautiful To Lie

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